“When I launched by business I knew that I needed to get some branding photos done, but who to choose was confusing to say the least, especially for someone very new to being a business owner. I had contacted a few brand photographers to find out general prices but when Louise sent everything over it was just perfect! I would get brand photos of myself, but I would also get images of my very own styled table and images of me “working”. Being able to incorporate my brand and my style into beautifully edited images, that I could use on my website and on my social media was just what I needed and The Brand Studio offered it together as a package!

I just loved working with both Louise and Helen on my brand shoot. With their insight, experience, knowledge, connections, talent and just their beautiful selves, they are the perfect two to work with if you are looking to up your game, when it comes to your visuals telling your brand story! They really helped me bring everything together in a relaxing and down to earth manner too, which is just a reflection on how lovely they both are, as well as how helpful and talented they are too!

They are just about to launch their Seasonal Brand Shoot packages too, which I am very excited about, as I will definitely be needing more images soon and I couldn’t think of two better people to work with on this, again!”