“Before I booked my Personal Branding Shoot with Louise & Helen my brand, website and social media feeds looked confused and although I had professional head shots, I didn’t have anything tying everything together cohesively.

My new brand images have helped me to communicate who I am, what I do and the style I do it in as the images show the colours, feel and way that I style weddings and from this, I have been able to bring my website and social media into alignment with my brand. 

As a result my brand photography now shows more of who I am as a planner and stylist, I am more confident in putting my face on my social media and I have been able to use the images throughout my social media, marketing materials and website, confident that they convey the message behind my brand well. I have seen my clients and those around me grow more confident in my brand because of these images. More than anything it has allowed me to be comfortable with putting myself and my business out there! 

I recommend a Personal Branding Shoot with Helen & Louise because they truly put you at ease throughout the whole process, they are so helpful in the lead-up and on the day and you know they want the best images for you. I was so comfortable around Helen during the shooting and I am so happy with the results. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without them, this shoot, and these images, I would urge anyone to do a Personal Branding Shoot with Helen & Louise!”