Image: The Brand Studio for Weddings By Siobhan Louise

Every day, we all face advertising overload. Every medium is filled with ‘buy it now’ messages, from our social feeds to our inboxes, as marketers compete for customers’ attention. So how can you make your brand heard amongst all the noise, and make a genuine connection with your ideal clients? One word: storytelling.

The human brain is hard-wired to respond to storytelling. A well-crafted narrative has the power to evoke emotion and capture people’s attention like nothing else. In the business context, learning to tell your brand story effectively is about sharing how your products or services exist in the world. It’s about who you are – your history, purpose, and values. And ultimately, it’s really about the customer, and how you can add value to their lives.

Here’s how to go about harnessing the power of stories to forge powerful bonds with potential clients.


Before you can tell your brand story, it’s essential that you have a clear idea of who you are as a business.

Take some time to write down the answers to these questions, and try to be as specific as possible: What are the values that you want your client to associate with your brand?

  • What are your brand values? What do you want your client to associate with your brand?
  • Why do you do what you do? What is your motivation in offering your service? Clients want to feel that the people they buy from put real value on their custom.
  • What has led you to this point? Which previous events in your life or work history have influenced you in taking this path? Many small business owners have had past careers that still lend strengths to their new ventures.

All of this information will be helpful in creating a sense of trust in your clients. The more they feel they ‘know’ you, the more likely they are to buy from you.


Next, you’ll need to identify your core brand message. What is it about your business that you want your clients to understand and buy into? What makes your business unique and special (whether that is a niche skill, outstanding customer service, specialist knowledge or process, etc.)?

A brand story is more than just an ‘About’ page blurb. It’s about having a clear identity and staying consistent to that identity in everything you do. Instead of trying to sell yourself to people, tell your brand story in a way that is real and genuine. Aim to make person-to-person connections rather than just ‘sales’. To do so, your clients will need to understand how you (and only you!) can solve their problems, alleviate their pain points, and provide them with a great customer experience.


Finally, you need to communicate this message through every piece of content you create, and every interaction you have with potential customers. This includes your website, your social media, your product descriptions, your emails, etc.

It’s also important that you don’t only focus on telling your brand story through words. Show, don’t tell! Think about how to communicate all the elements of your brand identity visually as well as verbally, from your logo and brand colours to your website copy and, of course, images.

At The Brand Studio, we specialise in creating brand imagery that tells a story at a glance about who you are as a business. Our images place you at the centre of your business, and help show your personality and unique selling points in a way that clients can immediately connect with. This ranges from shoots in your workplace (or shhh! a prettier version of your ideal workplace!) to setups that show your creative vision, processes and products. We also produce portraits of you looking your most beautiful and confident, ready to form those all-important bonds with your clients.

To find out more, visit our Services page or get in touch to discuss a bespoke package.